Flavours of the forest

Did you know that meadowsweet contains the same salicylic acid as aspirin? Or that candy cap mushrooms are deliciously fragrant like curry powder? Birch sap is good for your teeth and acts as a diuretic, blackcurrant and raspberry leaves cleanse and calm your mind and body – the Finnish forest is a symphony of flavours and health-promoting plants.

Now those powerful flavours of the forest are available in the Mushroom Bar, the newly opened restaurant in Metsä/Skogen. Award-winning chef Sami Tallberg is a culinary visionary who will take you on a journey into the gastronomy of wilderness.

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Seasonal menu

Mushrooms, lichen, forest flowers, berries and wild herbs are brought together in a new way. They are paired, for example, with seaweed or reindeer bone broth. New flavours from the Finnish nature will be laid before you in a unique setting.

A wide array of mushrooms, such as dusky wax caps and candy caps, are available. Sami Tallberg has also written a cook book for all the chefs at home wondering about cooking using wild mushrooms. It helps when preparing food from not-so-familiar mushrooms. It is sold in the restaurant.

Mushroom Bar is open during the store opening hours.

Sami Tallberg

The award-winning chef is known for his love of flavours of the wilderness and especially mushrooms. He has created a wild food product family. It consists of nine different products including, for example, a wild mushroom risotto. He has also created the menu that is available at the Mushroom Bar. There are delicacies from the Finnish forest in the form of mushrooms, wild herbs, berries – all prepared in different ways offering straightforward, approachable seasonal flavours.

”I spend a lot of time in the woods as I go foraging for ingredients myself. I wonder all around Finland, from the southwestern forests all the way to Lapland. The weather and the amount of light differs and there is difference in ingredients from northern and southern Finland. 

My most recent and intense memory from a trip to a forest was from the beginning of the autumn. I had my sleeping bag with me as I was planning to stay the night on a small island in the archipelago. The pontoon pier had already been removed for winter so I wasn’t able to get to the island with my boat and wasn’t able to stay at the island. Instead I happened upon a great number of different mushrooms that night so I was more than happy about how things turned out.”

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Forest flowers, berries and wild herbs are brought together in a new way. They are paired, for example, with seaweed or reindeer bone broth – Mushroom Bar offers new flavours from the Finnish nature. Book the restaurant and you will get our undivided attention.