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Metsä/Skogen is a unique concept and a holistic experience – like a real forest in the middle of the city. Our store offers a selection of lifestyle products manufactured responsibly and with love.
Metsä/Skogen – a place to rest your soul.

Award-winning chef Sami Tallberg created a restaurant in Metsä/Skogen combining two of his greatest passions: the Finnish forest and its flavours. The Mushroom Bar’s menu with Tallberg’s favourite recipes offers a unique culinary experience from the purest of ingredients gathered from the Finnish wilderness.

Metsä/Skogen with

Our Metsä/Skogen family includes companies, designers and craftspersons. Together we share the same values: we love nature and want to protect it. Our partners manufacture their products responsibly in Finland or EU.


Everything we sell in Metsä/Skogen comes from respect towards nature and its renewal. Everything is made according to the principles of sustainable development. We hold this dear to our heart.

The story of Metsä/Skogen

The concept of Metsä/Skogen grew out of the personal experience of Carita Peltonen. Having undergone work-related exhaustion, Carita felt the forest had an immensely healing effect on her. She wanted to recreate the experience for people who are not able to visit a real forest.
The idea of bringing the woods in the middle of the city arose.

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